HSE Policy

It is the policy of the company to carry out all its operations in such a way as to guarantee the health and safety of all its employees.

To this end, our policy shall be to:

  1. Eliminate all forms of hazards in and around work areas.
  2. Provide all personnel with adequate Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) suitable for the work they are performing. The use of these shall be properly monitored and encouraged through education.
  3. Properly maintain machines and equipment. All machines with rotating parts shall be adequately fenced off.
  4. Ensure that all employees have access to First-Aid resources in the company, as well as the company’s clinic.
  5. Discourage the use of performance enhancement drugs and self medication amongst all employees.
  6. Train and re-train the company’s First Aiders on regular basis.
  7. Prior to employing any worker, ensure that each employee is tested for medical fitness.
  8. Investigate all operational accidents promptly in order to reveal immediate and remote causes and identify ways to prevent re-occurrence.
  9. Recognize personnel excellence in Health and Safety through periodic awards show discontentment to attitudes capable of hampering health and safety efforts.