Environmental Policy

At all times, the company shall continue to be guided on matters affecting the environment in which it operates. Specifically, our policy shall be to:

  1. Ensure that human wastes generated in and around work areas are adequately disposed according to client and statutory standards.

  2. Ensure that industrial waste such as oil, steels, scarp, etc. are properly disposed according to client and statutory standards.

  3. Ensure that, when used, industrial chemicals are handled by trained p&sorir3el and with standard approved equipment.

  4. Ensure that before commencements of work in any system, which has potentials for environment pollution, a client permit-to-work, as well as statutory permits are obtained. Also, emergency resources shall be mobilized “on-stand-by” for containment in the event of pollution.

  5. Investigate and report all operational incidents promptly according to client and statutory regulations.

  6. Train personnel in environment related matters.

  7. Encourage employee attitudes towards environmental conservation and discourage all acts capable of endangering our operations.